Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh Happy Day!! | Denver Portrait Photographer

I hope all you Mommy's out there had a wonderful Mothers Day weekend! I know I sure did. I was so glad it was FINALLY warm out!! Welp to top of my wonderful weekend we found out that our offer was excepted!!!!! Yay!!!! So we will be moving out of our apartment next month and into our first HOME:)
Im soooo excited! If anyone wants to come help us move, you are more than welcome to ;) lol.
I wanted to show one picture that has me most excited.... I finally have another studio space! I was so sad to leave my studio in North Carolina but Im happy to now have a bigger better indoor studio here soon!

Its kinda hard to shoot through a doorway and get all of the room, but I will post more peeks as I get my studio put together:)

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