Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dare To Compare... | Denver Family Photographer

This photo compares a custom Organic Bloom frame that I carry beside just those plain ole frames from a local department store..
Do you see a difference?? If you walked into a friend's home, which framed portrait would catch your eye? Custom framing from Organic Bloom doesn't fade away or blend into your living room walls, but stand out and shows off the beautiful artwork that stars your children and family!!

This is an image taken by Amy Cook Photography and I thought I would share it with those of you that have considered getting a photo session by a photographer who gives their images on CD or those of you that have done that in the past and just didn't realize what local labs do to your families portraits. The top image is how the photographer had it custom edited to look like and then she went to Walmart to print one of those cheap prints and you can see how bad it makes this image look! I have as well, in the past run to Target and made a quick cheap print of one of my son's images becasue I was sending his portrait out to some people in a card for Valentines Day and was behind on mailing my cards out.... needless to say that picture came out horrible! My son's face was dark just like in the bottom picture and the red tones from his shirt were way way off in the print and it all looked orangey. I vowed from then on that I would never use a local lab or my home printer for any of my print needs, even if I was behind on getting pictures sent out.

I hope if you schedule a custom session with me or any other professional photographer in the area, that you will purchase lab quality prints after your session and NOT opt for going the cheap easy route. Your portraits will thank you... and your children and grand children will thank you in the future for having amazing quality prints hanging on your walls for them to see for years to come. Prints also come with UV coating, so those colors stay vibrant and don't fade from the sun exposure years down the road... 

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