Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FREE DVD for Kids

I just love VeggieTales! I know they are children movies but I can sit and watch them with my son and do not get bored lol. Definately a better choice of movies than some they have out these days and if you've never heard from them or seen them, you definately should try them out! They teach good moral values and Biblical stories. You never have to check these movies out to make sure theres no bad humor or things your children shouldn't see.
I found a link to this post about a FREE DVD of your choice and it says you pay shipping but saw a seperate post saying that if you check PARCEL then shipping is free?? Still not a bad idea to try out.
When I tried it said there was alot of people at the site and to try again later, but this deal doesnt expire until the end of the year so you have time :)


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