Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gym Time | Denver Colorado Portrait Photographer

How many of you ladies decided to put the whole gym and workout thing on your New Years Resolution list? *Raise hand* Yep I did too. I have a year membership at the Ladies Fitness gym down the road from me and I have been pushing myself to go everyday to lose those extra unwanted pounds. Ive been going for about 2 weeks now and I really enjoy it. I just wish losing weight was a much fast process lol.
Welp, I wanted to share with you a link I just came across.....

On this link, there's a model of a girl and you can click on any park of the body and it will bring you to all the problem areas we tend to have in those body parts. You can then click on the exact area you would like to workout and it will show you a list of every possible workout routine you can do to work on that exact spot!! Its awesome! I have saved it to my favorites list and I hope you ladies can get some use out of it to like I sure am :)

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