Thursday, March 1, 2012

We're Stylin' | Denver Colorado Boudoir Photographer

Brandy Caruso Photography is happy to announce that we have joined up with Samantha of Lady Charm Artistry to bring you professional hair and makeup :) You don't have to book her just for your Boudoir Session, but for any session you would like to feel gorgeous in! I must say she does amazing work!

Meet Samantha Koch...

1) What made you want to do hair and make up or become a cosmetologist?
From the time I was young I remember doing my dolls and barbies hair, and being totally fascinated with watching my mom do her makeup. I started doing my own hair around 8 years old, using half a bottle of hairspray daily (had to get the big hair), and when I was finally allowed to wear makeup I was always playing with my look. So, when I got older it was just a natural path for me to take!

 2) What schooling/life experience do you have in your profession? Years working?
After doing a lot of hair and makeup on my friends growing up, I attended Paul Mitchell the School in 2003-2004 and obtained my cosmetology license. They held makeup classes regularly throughout my education there, so I was able to get some of the basics in application techniques while in school, and the rest has been through a lot of practice. I have worked in several different salons, and on and off with Laura Mercier cosmetics, and also carry a wide variety of products from many different brands in my professional kit.

 3) What do you feel your strengths are with hair and make up?
I feel like I pick up new things very quickly. I am also able to take styles or makeup techniques from pictures and copy them almost perfectly.

 4) What is your favorite style of hair and make up to do?
I don't know that I have a favorite style. I really enjoy being able to create any style, from any era, or from any concept. I like variety and new challenges.

5) Favorite thing about what you do:
I love seeing the transformation! As much fun as it is to work on a high-fashion project, with a model and fashion photographer, I enjoy taking real people and creating a look for them. So many women have no idea how beautiful they are, and it's so fun to see their reaction at the end of their hair and makeup styling!

 6) What are your favorite brands of make up to use?
I love so many brands, and I think each of them have their own strengths. I love MAC eyeshadows because I feel they are very pigmented; I think Laura Mercier foundations are fantastic and they have something for every skin type; I love Cover Girl mascaras! I think they work for pretty much everyone!

 7) What sets you apart from other hair and make up artists?
Not only do I feel that it's important to be skilled and up to date on your techniques, and continue to improve in your craft - I feel like it's just as important to be someone that people want to work with. Whether it be a photographer or a client - it makes an impression if you are flexible, friendly, reliable, and that you are someone that people want to hire because of who you are

Please head on over and check out her website:
and on Facebook at!/LadyCharmArtistry.BeautyPro and become a FAN:)

If you would like to add makeup and hair to your session with Brandy Caruso Photography please let me know! We will be adding makeup to our Boudoir Packages because having professional makeup and hair makes all the difference compared to doing hair and maekup yourself. You can add so much drama to your images, and not have a look that you usually rock on a daily basis. I love Samantha's work so much, I even had her do my hair and makeup! I had a Boudoir session and just to show you how great she is, here is a headshot with hair, makeup and lashes...

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