Friday, July 6, 2012

Are You A Facebook Fan? | Denver CO Child Family Photographer

Just a reminder for those who are Fans of ours on Facebook.
Facebook changed alot of things to where you may not even see our updates at all :(
 Thats means you wont see our photo updates, you won't get links to the Blog for new posts, you won't even see contests going on or our great deals!
If you want to be in the loop for all this info, please make sure you go back to our Fan Page on Facebook:
and scroll over the "liked" button and there will be a little drop down bar that will appear. You will then click on the "show updates in feed" area and CLICK that... Tada! You will now get our updates:)

I hope you will take a moment to update this on Facebook, or if you're not a fan right yet, that you will go and LIKE us :)

Fan only Deal coming later this month for our Birthday celebration!! So make sure you like us and keep and eye out...

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