Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rain Rain... | Denver CO Children Photographer

Oh how I love it when it rains! But around Denver it rains all of, what like 10 minutes and then stops... That makes me sad because I would so love it if it just poured all night long. Its so relaxing to just fall asleep to the sound of thunder and the rain trickling on your roof.

Well one night it finally rained all night in Thornton and the next morning it was still raining and it dropped down to around 50 degrees. I've always wanted to get some fun candids of Aden playing in the rain and giant water puddles, so this one morning I was finally able to do that. We didn't have giant puddles like I wished because all the water ran down the street, but I still got some cute candids for about 5 minutes and then Aden was too cold and wanted to go inside..

Jumping in the "mini" puddles...

 My fav :)

Get outside and get some candids pictures of your children playing and having fun. Those are the things you want to remember when they grow up. And those playful smiles are the best :)

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