Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hair | Denver Colorado Children's Photographer

Got kids with crazy hair? I do!
Mine wakes up with hair doing this flip back thing, but he doesnt want to get his hair cut...
Have kids like that?
I cut my sons hair because its faster and free for me, but he will be starting school soon so I will be going to a professional just so his doesnt look crazy in school pics :)

JC Penny Hair Salon is doing FREE hair cuts for K-6th grade starting today until the end of the month!! You may have seen that flyer in the Sunday's newspaper. It said "first come first serve", so they may be doing a limited amount each day, so call and ask to be for sure.
Walmart's Hair Salon is having a deal all of August with $8 hair cuts for kids, so thats another option as well.

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