Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Beautify Yourself! | Denver Colorado Boudoir Photographer

I want to introduce you to another wonderful artist that has joined our studio.
Please meet Shannon Ball
Shannon is joining our studio and bringing her expertise in Hair and Makeup!
1) What made you want to do hair and make up or become a cosmetologist?
When I was a little girl, around 10 yrs old I became intrigued with
 makeup. When I was a teenager my sister went to cosmetology school
 and I Loved what she did. My sister opened a spa in Webster, NY and I
 decided to go to school for skin care. I saw how empowered a woman/lady could become if she felt confident by her appearance- I wanted to show others how to create confidence through his/ her image.
2) What schooling/life experience do you have in your profession? Years working?
I have 650 hours of skin care schooling (aesthetics) and have been working as a MUA since 1997. I have taught skincare/ makeup application for over 8 years also.
3) What do you feel your strengths are with hair and make up?
My strengths with makeup are creating natural and daytime makeup.
Hair: more natural styles such as wavy locks or fun cutting edge styles.

4) What is your favorite style of hair and make up to do?
Favorite style is NATURAL!

5) Favorite thing about what you do:
 Favorite thing I do is watching someone's eyes light up because they see their outside appearance match their beauty within.
6) What are your favorite brands of make up to use?
Favorite brands are Bareminerals and Bobbi Brown.  Bobbi uses colors only naturally found in everyone's pigments.

7) What sets you apart from other hair and make up artists?
 I am set apart from other MUA because I am down to earth. I have worked with celebs and everyday people. I understand everyone is just as important as everyone else. Every individual has something special that can be captured. My job is to make them as beautiful as possible and to bring out their essence.

Ask how you can add professional Hair and Makeup to your upcoming session.
For those booking Boudoir sessions, you will receive complementary hair and makeup 

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