Monday, October 8, 2012

Inspiration | Denver CO Senior Photographer

Inspiration... everyone has someone or something that inspires them.
I have many people that inspire me, but one person in particular, was the one who inspired me to follow my heart in becoming a Professional Photographer. I've mentioned my Grandpa on my website in my 'about me' section and wanted to share with you here.
My Grandpa served in the Army and then got out and joined the Navy and served until he retired. He was a Photographer for the Navy and when he retired he continued working as a Photographer at the local Marine Base where I'm from, along with photographing weddings and family portraits outside of work. Always seeing him with his cameras and equipment made me want to start taking pictures with my little point and shoot film camera and scrapbook everything I photographed. I'm grateful to be able to pick his brain for anything pertaining to photography and have him here to help me out when needed. I'm also grateful for him gifting me my first camera that sparked my creativity and then a professional grade camera that started me on this journey many years ago. I've since then upgraded my cameras and other equipment many times and have progressed and evolved as an artist and Photographer, always perfecting my craft and always out to learn more from him and other Photographers with more years than I.
What inspires you?


In action photos of him in the Navy
Our most recent photo. Along with two other people that have inspired me.. my Grandma and my son


  1. What a beautiful post Brandy. Love that your Grandpa inspires you!

  2. You have such amazing photos of him and I love how he inspires you. And I love that last photo of all of your muses together.