Friday, July 12, 2013

Calling All Super Heroes! | Denver Colorado Children's Photography

With my son turning 5 this year, he's been really into Super Heroes, as are all little boys at this age. He's into a new hero every month almost and if he had his way he'd have a Batman party this year and a Spiderman party next and so forth. So I decided to collectively tackle all the fun super heros in one party this year. Its been a lot of work getting everything ready for his party this year, but it was well worth all the extra effort. He had a blast, and so did all the kids and their parents too! We had a super obstacle course for them, capes and masks to customize and other fun super hero related games. I'd like to give a shout out to Pinterest for all the help :)

The ice cream truck came by as we were getting everything ready so Aden got a Spiderman treat fit for a super hero....

These are just a few of my favorite detail shots from the day and maybe they will give you some ideas for your future hero party.

[excuse the 2012 copyright, its supposed to be 2013]

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