Monday, November 11, 2013

Mine On Monday | Denver Colorado Children's Photographer

I think my weekend wasn't long enough... anyone else feel that way?

I haven't posted a personal blog post in awhile so I wanted share some fun shots I got of Aden while we were on vacation this summer. In Albany Georgia they have made a fun spot downtown called 
"Art Park".
They opened an old building for artists to make their mark anywhere on the walls and after a few months they paint the walls so everyone can paint it up again. I think its a fun idea for those creative painters. I don't have that kind of talent but its a great backdrop for Senior and Children's portraits :)

I wish Denver would do something like this so it would maybe deter people from putting graffiti on places it shouldn't be. But I'm glad we have a small wall in my area with graffiti. It was a location I used last year for Aden's birthday session. 

(Please excuse the top right image showing up grainy. Not sure why the Blog is doing that)

Happy Monday Y'all!

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