Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankful | Denver Colorado Family Photographer

Just a few days until Thanksgiving...
The great american holiday about giving thanks to those we are thankful for and then we wake up the next day and run down people at the mall, trying to get that last great toy at a discounted price...
Sound about right? lol

Well I'm thankful for a lot of things so I won't bore you with that in this blog post :)
But one thing I'm definitely thankful for is you! Yes you :)
Those of you who read and follow my Blog and enjoy my photography. Those of you who are friends and Fans on Facebook. Those who refer my business to your friends and family. Those who have intrusted me with your special once in a lifetime moments that you want captured so you can share with your friends and family for generations to come. Those who even come back to me month after month, year after year, for more beautiful artwork staring your family...

Thank You!

This is also the time of year where we give back to those in need. And I want to give back in a way I love... Photography. There's a lot of people with the flooding this year who have lost their homes, and the crazy fires before that. Those who have a mom, dad or child who has gotten really ill or has cancer. Even those who just can't afford custom photography or even a photography session period. I've come across families who haven't had a family photo taken in 5 plus years, or since their first child... and now they have 4! Do you know any families like these?
I want to give a family like these a gift of photography. Something they can cherish for years to come. 

If you personally know of a family in need and you want them to have a family session, please contact me this week my email and let me know of this family and why they should get this session.
I will be collecting emails until December 20th and then announce the lucky family online.

This wonderful family will receive a photography session in 2014 by me along with a beautiful album full of their images to be able to cherish for years to come :)

Please spread the word.

Plus a cute baby to make everyone smile :)

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