Thursday, March 24, 2011

Homemade {Whole Grain} Baby Cereal

All you need is brown rice and old fashioned rolled oats (not the quick cooking kind!)

Grind the rice or oatmeal in the blender to make a fine powder.  This will take a few minutes depending on how good your blender is.  The rice is a little more difficult to get finely ground.

When you are finished, you should have rice powder and oatmeal powder.

This step is not totally necessary, but you can sift the powder to make it even finer.  I did this with the rice powder because my blender isn't great and there were still some chunks in it.  I found the cereal came out much smoother in the end. But, you could skip this step if you want.

Most recipes I found called for 1/4 cup powder and 1 cup water, but if you double it, you can have lots of extras that can be frozen.


Boil 2 cups water and then add 1/2 cup of the powder.  Whisk frequently for 10 minutes.  Then, you are done!

You can save the extra powder for later.

When it's done cooking, it should be a fairly smooth cereal.  You can add breast milk, formula and/or pureed fruit.  If you feel the cereal is still a bit too thick, you could blend it once it's done cooking.

Stick a few servings in the fridge and put the rest in an ice cube tray to freeze. You could freeze the cereal by itself or mix it with a fruit and freeze. 

The banana/rice mixture turned out great once thawed.  Once your ice cubes of cereal are frozen, pop the cubes in bags.  One cube is one ounce. 

Watch your baby enjoy!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Momtog Blog...

I follow A photographer in Southern California runs the blog. She pregnant with her second child, and she made a video to let everyone know if its a Boy or a Girl. I think this is the cutest and most creative way to tell friends and family the news!! I hope yall like...

The Bermel Twins | Highlands Ranch CO. Newborn Photographer

Earlier this year I got to photograph my first set of newborn twins. You have to be really patient to photograph Newborns... but Twin Newborns takes double the patience. I got to spend 5 hours with these sweet babies and can't wait to photograph them again as they get older.

Chris Class of 2011 | Denver Co High School Senior Photographer

My youngest brother is graduating this year! Wow do I feel old lol. I got to take his Senior Portraits at Radium Springs, while visiting Georgia in February and here is his preview...

Hawt Mama's! | Denver Boudoir Photographer

I recently got to photograph two hawt mama's while I was in NC visiting and thought I'd post a few of their portraits. If you're in the Denver area, and would like to schedule a Boudoir session for yourself, or even a Boudoir Party for you and your girls, please visit my website at and send me a message. If you would like to view more of my Boudoir Portfolio, please let me know in your message and I can give you the password to our private Boudoir Gallery.

Focer Family | Littleton Co Family Photographer

The Focer family is another favorite family in NC. Ashleigh is another photographer herself :) You can find her on Facebook!/pages/Ashleigh-Denise-Photography/101248029920473
I got to photograph them the morning of Super Bowl, so they were decked out in their Steelers gear!

Wilgus Family | Littleton Co Family Photographer

The Wilgus family was one of my favorite families in NC. I did their Maternity, Labor & Delivery, and Newborn portraits all the way up to little Drakes First Birthday. I also got to photograph the whole family again right before I moved to Colorado, and I was so thankful I got to photograph them one last time in NC before they moved to Virgina this past month.

Little JJ | Littleton CO Newborn Photographer

I had the privilege to take sweet little JJ's portraits. He was 7 days young and oh so cute! I wanted to hold him the whole time!

The Benson's | Littleton CO Couple Photographer

While in NC I got to photograph the Benson's again. They're such a nice couple. They were my first session in 2010... We had a beach session in the freezing cold (I couldnt feel my fingers lol) and they were my last session on 2011 before I moved to Colorado. I had a fun time catching up with them and I hope to get maternity or even a baby session with them by next summer when I go out for another visit :)