Friday, March 30, 2012

Personal Product Post | Denver Colorado Family Photographer

Happy Friday yall!
I just wanted to show everyone my awesome canvas I got in last week:)
I know alot of people think 8x10's are big, but they really aren't...
I wanted to show you my small wall with a 20x30 inch gallery wrapped canvas. Seeing all that space going on makes this print very tiny to me and I now must go bigger! Bigger is always better in prints. Always remember that interior designers say you should fill atleast 50% of your wall.

This is a great quality Canvas and I just love it. I know theres alot of those do it yourself canvas labs out there that make it easy for everyone to make their own canvas', but I wouldn't guarantee that your print or even the colors of your print will look exactly like the original image and I highly recommend that you purchase specialty products like these through your Photographer, so you get an awesome product to display on your walls.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Catch Up | Denver Colorado Family Photographer

Im either in Blog maddness and post like 4 or 5 posts in one single day or theres a blank 2 weeks because of being so busy here in the studio. I need to find a happy medium and try to post 2 or 3 times a week. Does anyone else Blogging do that? lol

Here is a storysquare of Miss Peyton from her portrait session a couple months ago. She wants to be a model when she grows up. I know she will be a great one. Isn't she just gorgeous? I told her she looked way older than her age. She was also brave enough to change into a cute summer outfit that cold morning. There was snow still around and like 20 degrees outside! I wish I could show you all of her images because I love every single one of them!

Class of 2013 and 2014! | Denver Colorado High School Senior Photographer

Since this school year is coming to an end and all my lovely class of 2012 are soon to graduate, I decided to do something new this coming up year and put together 4 collections specifically for you awesome soon to be Seniors!!

Each Collection has your session and products in it, so you dont have to purchase a regular session and then decide what kind of prodcuts before and afterwards that you would like to get. I do have a mini senior session, 2 regular sessions and one with EVERYTHING (which is my Model session). Model sessions are open for those in their Junior year and they get 2 sessions and tons of cool free stuff! But I will have to go into detail about all that awesomeness in a future post :)

My new collections has prints and products and parents and grandparents like, along with awesome things like wallets and custom iPhone covers that Seniors want. There are discounts for the parents depending on the collection and awesome Freebies available for Seniors like Starbucks giftcards, iTunes gift cards and cold hard CASH!! (and much more)  Sounds awesome right?!

High School Senior Collections

Collection 1(Senior Model):

* Mini Model session your Junior year (winter time)
* Rep cards with your Model image to hand out to Junior and Senior friends
* 1-2 hour Senior portrait session (with 4 or more outfit changes)
* Professional hair and makeup styling at your Senior session
* 1 digital Yearbook image (sent to your high school)
* 1 Facebook image and custom Timeline banner
* (48) wallets (up to 3 poses)
* (6) 5x7 prints
* (4) 8x10 prints
* (1) 11x14 print
* (50) custom flat graduation invites
* (1) 4x8 accordion album
* 1 custom iPhone case and wallpaper with your favorite images
* Sneak Peek Blog post to share with your friends and family starring you!
* Set of custom 411 cards your Senior year (its like your own personal biz card)
* $200 off your Session Album or Fine Art Album purchase
* 20% off additional products on our A La Carte

Collection 2:

* 1 hour Senior session (with 3 outfit changes)
* Professional hair and makeup styling at your session
* 1 Yearbook sized digital (sent to your school)
* 1 Facebook image to tag
* (24) wallets (up to 2 poses)
* (4) 5x7 prints
* (2) 8x10 prints
* (1) 11x14 print
* (25) custom flat graduation invites
* (1) 4x8 accordion album
* Sneak Peek Blog post for you to share with friends and family starring you!
* $100 off your Session Album or Fine Art Album purchase
*10% off additional products on our A La Carte

Collection 3:
* 1 hour Senior session (with 2 outfit changes)
* 1 Yearbook sized digital (sent to your school)
* (16) wallets (one pose)
* (2) 5x7 prints
* (1) 8x10 print
* (1) 3x3 mini accordion album (approx 8 images)
* Sneak Peek Blog post to share with your friends and family starring you!
*$50 off your Session Album purchase

Collection 4 (Senior Mini Session)
* 30 minute studio session
* 1 outfit
* 1 Yearbook sized digital (sent to your school)

If you're currently looking for a Senior Photographer and just not sure where to start, I would like you to visit my website and view my Senior gallery along with past blog posts for my most recent Senior work. I can guarantee you will have a super fun and relaxed portrait session with Brandy Caruso Photography and you will laugh until your sides hurt:) You will have a great experience and get awesome images that your friends will be jealous of!
If you would like more information on my sessions please feel free to contact me through my website or you can call or text me:) 229-869-5180  I look forward to hearing from you!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Product Post | Denver CO Custom Boutique Photographer

Heres an up close look at the Gallery Wall Mounts that I offer. They are printed portraits on 1.5 inch styrofoam like material and wrapped edges in black for a modern pop on your wall. Here is an image of one of my recent orders. This is a 16x24 inch print. Don't you want one for your home?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Product Line! | Denver CO Custom Portrait Photographer

Spring time and warm weather are soon upon us. I've been spring cleaning at home and in the Studio too and also going through my product catalog and getting rid of a couple products and changing it up this year with some new items. I won't have time to post ALL the newness today but will show you a little peek :)

I am bringing in a Grow With Me collection for my wall series, so you will have the option to get 3 or 4 sets of Square Floating Wraps for your home and add to them at your following sessions. This is great for families with multiple children, those that purchase a Baby'S First Year collection or any other portrait session!

Floating Wraps have a foam block on the backside that gives it a floating appearance on your home walls. I'm starting my Grow With Me collection in my dining room :) I'll post the images soon.

Portrait Folios are now available for my High School Seniors! 5x7 and 8x10 folios are offered with 2 inside images and an outside cover of your choice.

iPhone cases!!! These 8 templates along with 10 others will be available for purchase after your session:) They are available with any session but some of my lucky High School Seniors will be able to get it for FREE:) Cases fit iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPod touch.

 Make the set complete by getting a custom screen wallpaper and locked wallpaper with your favorite image from your session on your iPhone too!! (6 other wallpapers are available)

Custom license plates for my Seniors! 6x12 vibrant metal with gloss finish. These have an ultra hard scratch resistant surface that is waterproof and weatherproof!
Available for purchase with your Senior session or you can get it for FREE! (ask how at your consultation)

I've got tons more newness to share, but I will save that for more posts soon :)

Aireus Class of 2012 | Denver CO High School Senior Photographer

Its not too late for Senior photos if you are graduating this year! I know alot of the Seniors can be pretty busy their Senior year and some come in towards the end of the school year for their portraits and thats OK! The ideal time for Senior portraits is spring or summer prior to your Senior year or even in your Junior year! We can get some gorgeous portraits in the warmer weather here in the Denver area, unless you want to do something different and do winter time with the snow like Aireus. We got some fun winter portraits downtown after it snowed :)

We have custom Senior Grad cards for guys and girls in many different styles! Make sure you order your custom cards so your Grad invites stand out in the crowd! Flat, Folded and Tri-Fold cards available.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

4 Months of Cuteness! | Denver Colorado Baby Photographer

Tyce is one of my baby plan babies and he came to my studio in January for his 4 month portraits. I can't believe how fast hes growing! He still has those super cute chubby cheeks too! It took some coaxing from Mom and me, but by toward the end of his session he was smiling up a storm :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

EASTER MINI SESSIONS | Denver Colorado Baby Children Photographer

If you are not on our mailing list and did not receive our Spring Newsletter and would like to be, please let me know:) Those on our mailing list are the first to know about our Mini Sessions and other great things coming soon before anyone else!

March 31st will be our Easter Mini Sessions! Only 9 spots available and time slots are first come first serve so please contact me so we can get you down before spaces are gone!

10 edited proofs will be available for viewing by the next weekend, in an online gallery for you and your family to view and order from.
Facebook digital will be available for tagging after you add our page:)
You will also recieve $20 off our Easter 3x3 Mini Accordion. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Thursday, March 1, 2012

We're Stylin' | Denver Colorado Boudoir Photographer

Brandy Caruso Photography is happy to announce that we have joined up with Samantha of Lady Charm Artistry to bring you professional hair and makeup :) You don't have to book her just for your Boudoir Session, but for any session you would like to feel gorgeous in! I must say she does amazing work!

Meet Samantha Koch...

1) What made you want to do hair and make up or become a cosmetologist?
From the time I was young I remember doing my dolls and barbies hair, and being totally fascinated with watching my mom do her makeup. I started doing my own hair around 8 years old, using half a bottle of hairspray daily (had to get the big hair), and when I was finally allowed to wear makeup I was always playing with my look. So, when I got older it was just a natural path for me to take!

 2) What schooling/life experience do you have in your profession? Years working?
After doing a lot of hair and makeup on my friends growing up, I attended Paul Mitchell the School in 2003-2004 and obtained my cosmetology license. They held makeup classes regularly throughout my education there, so I was able to get some of the basics in application techniques while in school, and the rest has been through a lot of practice. I have worked in several different salons, and on and off with Laura Mercier cosmetics, and also carry a wide variety of products from many different brands in my professional kit.

 3) What do you feel your strengths are with hair and make up?
I feel like I pick up new things very quickly. I am also able to take styles or makeup techniques from pictures and copy them almost perfectly.

 4) What is your favorite style of hair and make up to do?
I don't know that I have a favorite style. I really enjoy being able to create any style, from any era, or from any concept. I like variety and new challenges.

5) Favorite thing about what you do:
I love seeing the transformation! As much fun as it is to work on a high-fashion project, with a model and fashion photographer, I enjoy taking real people and creating a look for them. So many women have no idea how beautiful they are, and it's so fun to see their reaction at the end of their hair and makeup styling!

 6) What are your favorite brands of make up to use?
I love so many brands, and I think each of them have their own strengths. I love MAC eyeshadows because I feel they are very pigmented; I think Laura Mercier foundations are fantastic and they have something for every skin type; I love Cover Girl mascaras! I think they work for pretty much everyone!

 7) What sets you apart from other hair and make up artists?
Not only do I feel that it's important to be skilled and up to date on your techniques, and continue to improve in your craft - I feel like it's just as important to be someone that people want to work with. Whether it be a photographer or a client - it makes an impression if you are flexible, friendly, reliable, and that you are someone that people want to hire because of who you are

Please head on over and check out her website:
and on Facebook at!/LadyCharmArtistry.BeautyPro and become a FAN:)

If you would like to add makeup and hair to your session with Brandy Caruso Photography please let me know! We will be adding makeup to our Boudoir Packages because having professional makeup and hair makes all the difference compared to doing hair and maekup yourself. You can add so much drama to your images, and not have a look that you usually rock on a daily basis. I love Samantha's work so much, I even had her do my hair and makeup! I had a Boudoir session and just to show you how great she is, here is a headshot with hair, makeup and lashes...