Friday, January 20, 2012

Product Post | Denver CO Custom Boutique Photographer

I just finished up on a wonderful order of frames last week and thought I would share them with you too! I haven't posted any product images of our Wild Sorbet frames, so these are their first appearance on here:)
With over 152 colors and patterns to choose from, the possibilities are truly endless!
Wild Sorbet frames come with or without trim and you can choose square or beveled edges, so they are more traditional compared to the curvy shapes of our Organice Bloom frames. You can also choose to have polka dots and/or glitter added to your frame too.

These are black (museum style) frames with brushed silver trim. Shown in 11x14, 8x10 and 5x7 framed prints.

Wild Sorbet frames come completely finished and ready to hang.

This shows the hanging parts for the 5x7 and 8x10 frames.

Those of you may have seen my leather sesssion album here in my studio during your consultation or ordering session. One of my favorite products for sure! This is an 8x8 black leather album with cardstock thick pages. Theres room for 20 5x7 prints and one 2x2 print for the window on the cover. It comes completely assembled for you and ready for your enjoyment or to gift to family and friends.

Those thick cardstock pages are hard to bend, so dont worry about looking through your portraits over the years.

Notice that sweet little man? Thats Parsan!

And it comes in a durable black box with silk lining :)

I want you all to have wonderful custom products to show off your awesome portraits! These products will adorn your house and all your family and friends will definately notice them standing out!

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